The Effects on Human Health of Both Products


Household bleach, having a high pH of around 12, effects humans due to its toxicty. First of all, it hurts human’s respiatory systems, and causes some symptoms due to inhalation. Also, if a person were to drink household bleach, immediate toxic effects would kick in. In any case, bleach would not kill someone instantly, but will cause serious injuries that could in turn lead to death.

Vinegar also has somewhat of an extreme pH level, which can sometimes change the human body’s pH level itself. This change in pH level can sometimes cause serious symptoms such as octeoperosis, kill red blood cells and bring on blood cancer, mess with the digestive system, and cause additional symptoms of eczema, psariasis, shingles, ect.

In the case of toxicity, household bleach has a more extreme toxicity than vinegar, but have an equal amount of effects on human health.



As discussed in the section about environmental impacts, bleach gives off dioxins in some of its reactions. For humans, these dioxins cause certain types of heart diseases, as well as problems with the immune system. Another pollutant that comes from household bleach are volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are a type of pollutant that stays in an environment for a long period of time, and come from bleach interacting with chemicals that are natural in any environment. VOCs are a major cause of cancer, and they also can affect a human’s central nervous system.

No pollutants are made by vinegar, which actually helps clean the air of pollutants.

For pollutants, vinegar impacts humans less than household bleach.Image

Chemical Interactions

Household bleach can be very dangerous around other household chemicals. When bleach is mixed into an acidic toilet cleaner solution, deadly fumes are given off that may kill a human. Bleach should also not be mixed with ammonia, because deadly fumes are given off also.


One other chemical that bleach should not be mixed with is vinegar, because a toxic substance is given off into the air that can injure humans.

However, that is the only dangerous raction between vinegar and another substance, being mixed with bleach. That is why for chemical interactions, vinegar is less dangerous towards human health than bleach.


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